PRESS RELEASE: Burying the dead of Grenfell Tower

On the anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Tragedy 14/06/18

The Grenfell Tower fire on 14 June 2017, was a national tragedy, claiming the lives of 72 people, including entire families. It was the worst fire in London since the second world war; and took over 100 fire fighters more than 24 hours to bring under control. The tragedy precipitated spontaneous response from members of the public, local businesses, and voluntary, community and faith-based organisations. Businesses, local community and faith organisations opened their doors offering help. One of the gut-wrenching acts facing many of the bereaved families, some of them being survivors of the fire themselves, was to lay their dead to rest.

  • Why Eden Care EC responded to help the Grenfell victims
  • Pre-burial Support
  • Burial Support
  • Post-Burial Support
  • Views from bereaved families
  • Our volunteers
  • Our partners
  • Eden Care in the Press

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