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Laying to Rest – The response of Eden Care UK during and after the June 2017 Grenfell Tower Fire

Saturday 13th October 2018

“Laying to rest” – Eden Care UK report documents its response to the Grenfell Fire

The awful fire that engulfed residents of the Grenfell Tower in the early hours of 14 June 2017 was a national tragedy. Described as the worst fire in London since World War 2, it claimed the lives of 72 people, whilst hundreds more were rendered homeless, and many mentally and emotionally traumatised for life.

Eden Care and Muslim Burial Fund launched a new report, “Laying to Rest, Eden Care’s Response to Grenfell Tower” on 13 October 2018 at the London Muslim Centre. The report captured the work of the charity in the immediate aftermath of the fire as well as its services in the weeks and months that followed.

The report offers valuable insight into, amongst other things, challenges faced by bereaved families; internal dynamics and decision-making process by Eden Care as the tragedy unfolded; and thoughts and emotions of staff volunteers and partners in their efforts to help those affected by the fire.



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