Inspired by Peter Chatfield – Saeed Islam Died – 4th November 2014

Our vision is to bury needy Muslims with dignity and in accordance with their wishes and faith. Muslim Burial Fund has been setup to support the needy members of the Muslim community. We have supported many individuals with burial support. Incidences of unknown deceased Muslims are increasing. Sometimes bodies are kept in the hospital morgues for many weeks and months while authorities seek to find relatives or friends who can claim the body and organise their burial according to their faith. Most often these unknown Muslims are then cremated, which is a cheaper option than a traditional burial. The background of these Muslims include; students, elderly people residing in care homes, those with no legal status and Muslim reverts who have no family support.

Muslim Burial Fund provides assistance through advice, loans or grants after carefully assessing their needs. We help individuals by developing a burial plan and contribute towards their end of life plan. Muslim Burial Fund will usually support those who are eligible for zakat and are isolated and/or have no family support.

Government support

The Government can help with funeral expenses through the social fund if the applicant is eligible. The main concern is the delay in the application process which can take between 2 to 6 weeks while the deceased is kept in the morgue. Other concerns include:

• Full burial cost is not always payable.
• Family members who apply on behalf of the deceased must be on benefits.
• Social funds can cause delay in the burial.

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Do we support non-Muslims?

We asses all the referrals that we receive and work closely with various partner organisations who specialise in burials for different faith groups. We refer client retrospectively to different organisations according to their faith. For example with Christian burials we work with Quaker Social Action.

Average burial cost across Britain

With land prices increasing the cost of traditional burial has also been increasing and many struggling families are opting for cremation because it is a cheaper option. The cremation rate in the United Kingdom has been steadily increasing with the national average rate rising from 34.70% in 1960 to 77.44% ( 2014). In the UK in 2013, over three quarters of funerals end in a cremation. With a death rate of around half a million people every year, this means around 375,000 cremations are taking place annually.
Breakdown of Muslim burial cost across the United Kingdom

Burial costs Area
£3,000  Bradford
£3,100  Birmingham
£3,500  London
£1,500  Wales
£3,000  Scotland

We anticipate the burial costs will increase with inflation year on year.

Our work

Muslim Burial Fund offers assistance and support to needy Muslims to facilitate a traditional burial and prayers. We want to minimise the possibility of any Muslim person being cremated.  Our support includes;

  • Support & befriending before death.
  • Support develop a burial plan which includes, washing, shrouding, funeral pray and the actual burial.
  • We do not support the cremation of any Muslim persons known or unknown.

Our target group

  • UNKNOWN Muslims
  • Visiting student community or no legal status
  • Needy Muslim reverts
  • Needy Muslims eligible for Zakat

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