26 February 2017

‘End of Life Support’ conference calls for better engagement by NHS and mainstream services with the Muslim community.

Eden Care held its first national conference on Thursday 23rd February at the London Muslim Centre, themed:
End of Life Support and Burial – An Islamic Perspective. Aimed at creating greater awareness about best practices related to End of Life support and burial within the Muslim and BME communities, the conference was attended by approximately 200 delegates from different backgrounds.

The conference called for more engagement by mainstream services and the NHS with the Bangladeshi, Muslim community. Prominent British scholar, Shaykh Shafiur Rahman in his keynote address said, “Eden Care is addressing a very critical community issue which impacts everyone at one stage or another.”

Dr Margaret Clifford, Consultant in Palliative Medicine congratulated Eden Care for convening “a successful event” where there was “fantastic enthusiasm in the room.” Peter Ellis, Chief Executive of Richard House Children’s Hospice said he was very encouraged by the conference because Richard House and St Joseph’s held a similar event previously at the London Muslim Centre and that “it was good to see that this effort of engagement is now continuing.”

Shaykh Abdul-Qayyum, Imam of East London Mosque highlighted the importance of visiting the sick and supporting the needy; he added “Eden Care was providing a very important service. I have made referrals to them and have found the charity very committed and professional.”

Anika Sadeque, Eden Care Administrator, pointed out that the number of Muslims, aged 65 and over is increasing steadily and is expected to reach 250,000 before 2030. More people will need End of Life services. Through Eden Care, we are trying respond to this by becoming a point of contact for the terminally ill, people reaching End of Life help and anyone struggling with burials.”


Notes to editors:

1. Pictures of the event are available on the Eden Care website.

2. Established in 2013, Eden Care is a BAME-led service founded by people who have lost loved ones through terminal illness. It engages service users, and works alongside healthcare professionals within a culturally and religiously sensitive environment, to increase and enhance quality of life through friendship and advocacy.

3. For media and other queries email anika.sadique@edencareuk.com or call 0203289 5591 | 07740-054 785

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End of Life Support & Burial – An Islamic Perspective

Eden Care presents End of Life Support – An Islamic Perspective Conference on 23 February 2017 – The conference will examine best practise and discuss End of Life issues for the Bangladeshi and Muslim communities. Delegates will have the opportunity to question, discuss and debate issues around end of life services as well as share their own stories and experiences.

For more information or to register please go to


End of Life Support & Burial – An Islamic Perspective
Eden Care UK

London Muslim Centre
46 Whitechapel Road
London E1 1JX
United Kingdom

Thursday, 23 February 2017 from 13:00 to 17:00 (GMT)



12:30 Networking

1:00 Welcome

1:10 Video presentation
Muhammad Abdullah, Eden Care

1:20 Hospice Care and the Muslim community
Dr Margaret Clifford and Ruth Bradley, St Josephs Hospice

1:30 Rapid Response Team and Muslim Burial Fund
Hamida Rahman, Rapid Response Team
Ahad Miah, Muslim Burial Fund

1:40 Case studies – Discuss case study

2:10 National End of Life, Elderly Care and Bereavement strategy for the Muslim community
Naved Siddiqi, Wolf Institute

2:20 Conflict management and dying a dignified death
Dr Zaza Johnson Elsheikh, Belief in Mediation and Arbitration

2:30 End of Life services for the Bangladeshi, Muslim communities in Tower Hamlets
Abu Mumin, Social Worker – Eden Care

2.40 Tea & Coffee break

3:20 Keynote speech – ‘Every soul shall taste death’ End of life support and burial – An Islamic perspective

Shiekh Shafiur Rahman, Islamic Scholar & Management Consultant

3:40 Message of support from Eden Care Patrons & Ambassadors

Shahin Ahmed
Maryam Islam

3:50 Spoken poetry and message from Ambassador
Abu Dawud, Volunteer
Aasia Hussain – Ambassador

3:55 Tea & coffee break

4:10 Panel Discussion with:

  • Shiekh Abdul Qayyum – East London Mosque
  • Sir Sam Everington – Tower Hamlets CCG
  • Gulam Taslim – Taslim Funerals
  • Muhammad Omer – Gardens of Peace
  • Shiekh Shafiur Rahman
  • Peter Ellis Chief Executive, Richard House
  • Dr Zaza Johnson Elsheik – Belief in Mediation and Arbitration
  • Naved Siddue – Wolf Institute
  • Dr Shuja – Muslim Council of Britain
  • Verena Hewat – Compassion in Dying
  • Dr Sabina Patel -CEO Muslim Bereavement Services

4:50 – 5:00 Concluding remarks/End