Saturday 13th October 2018

“Laying to rest” – Eden Care UK report documents its response to the Grenfell Fire

The awful fire that engulfed residents of the Grenfell Tower in the early hours of 14 June 2017 was a national tragedy. Described as the worst fire in London since World War 2, it claimed the lives of 72 people, whilst hundreds more were rendered homeless, and many mentally and emotionally traumatised for life.

Eden Care and Muslim Burial Fund launched a new report, “Laying to Rest, Eden Care’s Response to Grenfell Tower” on 13 October 2018 at the London Muslim Centre. The report captured the work of the charity in the immediate aftermath of the fire as well as its services in the weeks and months that followed.

The report offers valuable insight into, amongst other things, challenges faced by bereaved families; internal dynamics and decision-making process by Eden Care as the tragedy unfolded; and thoughts and emotions of staff volunteers and partners in their efforts to help those affected by the fire.

There was much praise for the spontaneous response by members of the public, and a plethora of local businesses, voluntary and community groups. In the midst of all this though, laying the dead to rest was made more difficult for the bereaved – especially in the case of entire families perishing in the fire. Many families commented that Eden Care’s Muslim Burial Fund made this process a little easier through a range of pre-burial and post-burial support, which it offered to all irrespective of religious background.

By December 2017, Eden Care supported the burial of 42 people victims, which is more than 50 per cent of those dead at Grenfell.

“Eden Care gave me peace of mind on the day of the funeral; they were there to make my life easier on that day”- Grenfell family

“Watching Eden Care volunteers in action was a real eye opener. They offered personal and tailored support to the families of the deceased. They visited survivors in their hotels and carried out burial plans. “I don’t think without their support we would have been able to manage the scale of the burials and funerals”. Eden Care Partner

“We had five coffins and five burial all together. Making the plan with Eden Care beforehand and visiting the burial ground was very helpful as this was not an easy thing to do. I was able to carry out my duty without the stress. Eden Care were helping non-Muslims at the mosque and in the cemetery” – Grenfell family

The report launch ended with Eden Care volunteer Panna Taher handing out 14 hand paintings to Grenfell families in attendance, and East London Mosque imam, Sheikh Abdul Qayyum ending the event with a Prayer.


Note to Editors:


2. Eden Care UK and the Muslim Burial Fund provide a range of services nationally from befriending the terminally ill, facilitating and supporting Muslim burials, to legal support for burials and specialist training for our volunteers and staff. Eden Care UK is a subsidiary of 13 Rivers Trust, charity registration no. 1161219. Eden Care was recipient of the Community Leadership Foundation Award 2017, under the category of Services to End of Life and Burial Support.

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