Monday 10th September 2018

It’s been twelve years since a group of passionate, dedicated individuals had a vision to make burial affordable for all the residents of Tower Hamlets. A lot of thought, hard work and dedication went into the planning process, thus this idea was then channelled to Tower Hamlets Council. Tower Hamlets Council listened to the voices of the people and as a result, a burial ground had been pre-purchased for the community.

The model of this work was to also make burial easy. If, for instance a resident from Redbridge or Newham borough passed away, they would have to pay £3,000 (on average) for a burial space/plot. However, if a resident from Tower Hamlets passed away they would pay £730.

This incredible model has allowed many to feel at ease; aiding with financial and emotional struggle, facilitates the vulnerable and of course those whom are reaching End of Life.

“At Eden Care – A charity who at its core supports burials and the terminally sick on a daily basis. We understand the gravity and the urgent need for this work to be manifested and followed through with other respective boroughs.”
– Rupina Begum (Co- Founder & Trustee)

Death is a reality we will all taste, it is guaranteed for every living creature and the costs of burials will continue to inflate.

Our message to everyone:
“Work with your local council to make burial affordable.”
– Abu Mumin (Founder & Social Worker)

We seldom give thought about the costs of a standard burial ground let alone have a ‘Burial Plan (which is also deemed necessary). It is crucial for us to think ahead, work together and plan on how we are able to achieve the latter.

Eden Care & Partners came together to launch our partnership work at the East London Mosque. Our partners for this work are: Tower Hamlets Council, East London Mosque, Haji Taslim Funerals and Eternal Gardens. This is a wonderful celebration of a long-term friendship which embraces the warm community spirit and cohesion.

We would like to thank the Almighty first and foremost, may He bless this work. We would like to extend our gratitude to our partners, Zen Media for their amazing hard-work. Channel S and Channel 44 for being present. Our volunteers for their incredible energy and passion in driving Eden Care and of course those that continue to support and water Eden Care with love.


Note to Editors:

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Eden Care & Muslim Burial Fund provides a range of services nationally in the UK from Befriending the terminally sick; facilitates and supports Muslim burials, provides legal burial support, pre and post-burial support, provides specialist training for our volunteers and staff.

Eden Care UK is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust charity registration number: 1161219

Community Leadership Foundation Award Winner in 2017 – Under the category of services to End of Life and Burial Support.