Firstly, contact the emergency services. An ambulance and police will attend the scene and contact the coroner to report the death.

The coroner will organise for your loved one to be removed to the local public mortuary and an investigation into the cause of death will be started.  This may result in a post mortem after which, on completion of the investigation, you can continue with your funeral arrangements.

Your funeral director can liaise with the coroner regarding collection and further arrangements and in certain cases if the family wish to try and avoid a Post Mortem they can request an MRI scan, we can help with this.  It ultimately is at the coroner’s discretion and sometimes a Post Mortem will still be required if a cause of death is not established from the MRI scan.

If the cause of death has been ascertained, then family will be required to register at the local Registrar’s office.  If the cause of death has not been ascertained, the coroner will provide interim paperwork to the funeral director and an inquest will be opened and adjourned .  The funeral can take place but the exact cause of death might not be disclosed until after the inquest , if at all.