In most cases you will have been issued with a white medical certificate which you must take to the local Registrar’s office, (note this is local to where the death OCCURRED not where the deceased lived).

If you are burying in the UK, you will be given a death certificate AND a green burial certificate.

Fax the green certificate to the funeral directors.  Once they have received it, they will legally be able to collect the deceased.  The funeral director will take over and organise everything from here.
The family will be asked whether they wish to attend the Islamic washing. We suggest up to 4 members of immediate family may attend and participate in the washing.
The janaza prayer can be held at any mosque, house or cemetery, although some mosques strangely require 24 hours booking notice.  The funeral director will inform you with the appropriate information regarding the mosque, the prayer times and their rules and regulations (if any).  Most mosques ask for a donation.
The funeral director will book whatever cemetery you required at a time and date that suits you.
After the janaza prayer, depending on the mosque, there will be a  chance to pay last respects to the deceased before leaving for the cemetery.
If the family requires transportation on the day of the funeral, that can also be arranged.  Limousines, which can seat up to 7 people, can be hired.  They will pick you up from your home (or other location), take you to the mosque, then onto the cemetery and will then return you to your home or other location.

Coaches, which seat up to 52 people, are also available.

Please inform the funeral director as soon as possible if you require us to hire in transport to avoid disappointment

Generally, where time allows, we aim to collect, wash, perform the janaza prayer and bury all on the same day.  If paperwork is delayed, or if a coroner is involved, this is often not the case.  It must also be noted that different hospitals and public mortuaries have different release procedures and opening times that don’t often fit in with a normal working day.  However we always endeavour to do things as soon as possible.