If the death is expected then the medical practitioner will provide the family with the medical death certificate for them to take to the Registrar.  Once the family has registered the death, they can fax or take the original to the funeral director and collection of the decease can be arranged.  Most institutions require a copy of the registration certificate in order to release a deceased person.

If the death was not expected, or occurs during or following an operation, it is likely that the death will be referred to the coroner.  The coroner will investigate the case and make a decision as to whether a Post Mortem needs to be performed and that can take place at the hospital or a the local public mortuary.  The family will be informed and once concluded they can continue with their arrangements.

If the cause of death has been ascertained, then family will be required to register at the local Registrar’s office.  If the cause of death has not been ascertained, the coroner will provide interim paperwork to the funeral director and an inquest will be opened and adjourned .  The funeral can take place but the exact cause of death might not be disclosed until after the inquest , if at all.