We are specialists in sending your loved ones to any country in the world and have Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Turkish, French and Italian speakers to help you.

Below you will find a guide to repatriation and we also give the different requirements for each country.

If you are burying abroad you will only be issued with a death certificate.

1. Firstly, fax the death certificate (and any other paperwork you have) to the funeral director who will then make arrangements to collect your loved one and organise any further paperwork needed such as the P104 (Out of England) and Free From Infection Letter.

If you require a free from infection, it can often speed up things if the family ask the doctor present at the hospital/hospice or home to provide this letter rather than the funeral director having to try trace the doctor/pathologist after the deceased has been moved from the ward/room/house.  However funeral directors can usually obtain this letter within 24/48 hours. Often there will be a charge for this.

2. The funeral director will fax an application for a P104 Out of England from the local coroner for that area/jurisdiction.

Please note that a coroner can legally take up to 4 working days to issue the Out of England. Often we can obtain this within less time, depending on the coroner.

3. Depending on which country you wish to repatriate to different paperwork is needed. Our Country Requirements page shows what paper work is required for different countries. If a country you require is not shown, please do not hesitate to contact the funeral director who will be happy to find out what is required.